Dr. Maria Militsopoulou, Chemist

PhD in Biochemistry

MSc in Medicinal Chemistry

Post-Doctoral research in: Modification of anti-psoriatic drug Trioxsalen and preparation of polyamine conjugates



Dr. Constantinos M. Athanassopoulos, Chemist

PhD in Organic Chemistry

Post-Doctoral research in: Synthesis and biological evaluation of GSH analogs and conjugates with novel biscyclic dideoxynucleosides, as potential anti-HIV factors.



Dr. Stavros E. Bariamis, Chemist

PhD in Medicinal Chemistry

MSc in Medicinal Chemistry




 Dr. George E. Magoulas


Chemist (PhD, MSc)
Part-time Lecturer 
Post-Doctoral Researcher



Office/Lab.: +302610996249

Fax: +302610962956


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