Undergraduate Students

Supervisor: Professor D. Papaioannou


Aggeliki Moutsiopoulou (2011)

Panagiota Tsoukala (2010)
Title: Chemical modification of psoralens aiming at the synthesis of hybrids and conjugates with acidic retinoids as improved antipsoriatic agents

Athina Sidiropoulou (2010)
Title: Chemical modification of fullerenes

Antonia Antoniou (2010)
Title: Synthesis of polyamine conjugates with biologically active molecules

Vassiliki Parassoglou (2010)
Title: Chemical modification of psoralens

Marios Krokidis (2007)
Title: Synthesis of new acitretin analogs suitable for coupling to polyamines

Petros Moschidis (2005)
Title: Contribution the total synthesis of acitretin-type retinoids

Evangelia Pantazaka (2002)
Title: Total synthesis of medicinally interesting linear, conformationally restricted and branched polyamines

Katerina Voyiatzi (2002)
Title: Synthesis of guanylated polyamine derivatives

Τhomas Garnelis (2002)
Title: Dehydration of α-amino acids amides

Christos Chochos (2001)
Title: Total synthesis of novel, biologically interesting, cyclic polyamine analogs

Ioannis Govaris (2001)
Title: Total synthesis of biologically interesting symmetric and asymmetric hybrid conjugates

Emmanuel Bouzas (2001)
Title: Studies aiming at the synthesis of polyamine conjugates with retinoids

Georgios Magoulas (2000)
Title: Conjugation of retinoids with amino acids and polyamines

Panagiotis Gatos (2000)
Title: Synthesis of tetrahydrofuran 2,3-dideoxynucleosides with the use of naturally occurring amino acids

Olga Theodorakopoulou (2000)
Title: Studies aiming at the synthesis of N-alkylated spermidines with potential anticancer activity

Kalliopi Georgikopoulou (1997)
Title: Studies aiming at the total synthesis of biologically interesting polyamines with potential anticancer activity

Ourania Gourgioti (1997)
Title:Studies aiming at the synthesis of structural analogs of 2,3-dideoxynucleosides with an oxetane or tetrahydropyran ring as potential inhibitors of reverse transcriptase of the retrovirus HIV

Sante Cundari (1995, Univ. of Calabria, Italy)
Title:S-Alkylation of cysteine derivatives with epoxides

Florinda Artuso (1994, Univ. of Calabria, Italy)
Title: Use of kainic acid as conformationally restricted glutamic acid analog in peptide synthesis

Tore Duvold
(1993, Univ. of Bergen, Norway)
Title: Preparation of benzyl 2,3-O-isopropylidene-β-D-ribo-1,4-pento-dialdofuranoside and its application to the synthesis of terpenyl tetraols


Supervisor: Assoc. Professor C. Athanassopoulos

Αndri Abet (2010)
Title: Contribution the total synthesis of carotenoids

Magda Elissaiou (2010)
Τίτλος: Chemical modification of fullerenes

Katia Boulda (2008)
Title: Synthetic analogs of artemisinin

Dimitris Theodosopoulos (2008)
Title: Chemical modification of Glutathione and syntheses of its isosters

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