Total synthesis of natural products and analogs with potential pharmaceutical interest

Chemical modification of naturally occurring bioactive organic compounds and synthetic drugs aiming to alter their biological profile (enhance or modify their activity and/or improve their selectivity)

Development of carriers for the delivery of one or more (aiming at different cellular targets) pharmaceutically interesting molecules into the cell

Development of novel Solid Phase Isobaric Mass Tags (SPIMTs) and applications in quantitative proteomics using MALDI and ESI mass spectrometry

The synthesis of alkaloids, polyamines, retinoids, terpenyl polyols and aminopolyols

The development of methodologies for the efficient synthesis of peptides in liquid and on solid phase

The synthesis of amino acid derivatives suitable for use in peptide synthesis

The asymmetric synthesis of biologically interesting amino acids or synthetic compounds using suitable proteinogenic or other naturally occurring amino acids as chiral templates

You can find a brief overview of SOClab research activities at the attachment.

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